Rabbit Services

The best compassionate and comprehensive care for your high-jumping pets.

Rabbits are great companion animals even if they are shy with you at first. These adorable animals love to socialize and play often once they are comfortable and can live up to 12 years of age. We want to ensure you have all the resources required to care for your bunny properly, such as their diet, housing, behaviours, and grooming essentials. Call us at 403-342-5200 to learn more about our services.

How often should I bring my rabbit in for an exam?

Rabbits, like humans, require annual exams to make sure their body is in good condition and ensure there are no underlying diseases. During these annual exams, we can monitor their physical and mental health and perform any diagnostics as needed.

How do I know if my rabbit is not feeling well?

Just like cats and dogs, rabbits hide their pain very well even when they are sick. By having routine wellness exams, your veterinarian can help diagnose and treat any problems before they become serious. That being said, pets can get sick anytime during the year so it's important to look for the following signs:

  • High or low body temperature
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Discharge from eyes and nose
  • Bald patches
  • Excessive drooling or sneezing

What type of care can you provide for my rabbit?

We offer a wide range of services from general checkups to surgeries, such as spay and neutering. We are committed to ensuring your pet's overall health and well-being are taken care of, and as such, we are proud to be equipped with the best team and resources to work with rabbits. If your rabbit requires specialized care, then we are more than happy to refer them to a clinic that works extensively with exotic animals.

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