Bird Services

Our team is experienced in diagnosing illnesses and providing treatment for birds.

Birds have increasingly become popular to have as pets and for good reason. They possess numerous positive attributes. Many people who meet a good bird for the first time are amazed at how friendly and affectionate they can be. Providing them with a spacious cage and a diet filled with pellets and fresh foods can help them to live a healthy, long life where you can enjoy each other’s company. They offer a great deal of companionship and will return all of the love you can give. More and more people are discovering that caged birds bring color, song or vocalization, and amusement into their lives. Many birds form strong attachments to people and make excellent companions. To learn more, call us at 403-342-5200.

Do birds benefit from digital X-rays?

X-rays can prove essential for diagnosing hidden conditions in birds. These invisible rays pass through solid materials to varying degrees, depending on the density of the materials. In traditional X-ray procedures, this effect leaves a black-and-white image on photographic film. The results can reveal several medical issues, including confirming a fracture in the delicate bones of a bird.

Your bird won't experience any discomfort from the X-ray procedure itself. However, we may administer a sedative beforehand to help them relax and lie still for the digital camera, thus ensuring sharper images while keeping your pet calm. 

What kind of surgical services can you provide for my bird?

Some of the surgical services we offer for birds include:

  • Radiography
  • Endoscopy
  • Ultrasonography
  • Dentistry
  • Surgery
  • Laboratory testing
  • Emergency care and hospitalization

In addition to surgical care for your bird, be sure to bring in your pet for wellness appointments. Often, regular wellness checkups can prevent the need for surgery in the first place.

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